The innovative design makes great customer advantages of high efficiency, reliable and cost-effective. With up to 93% efficiency, the power loss will be 20% reduced by, as well as a big TCO reduction.

Telecommunication carriers consume more and more energy, reducing the power consumption is carriers’ overwhelming society duty, and they have to cut TCO by power saving to face competition.
The Megmeet high efficiency module has high efficiency in a wide load range, it’s bigger than 92% from 20% to 80% load rate with peak 93%, it benifits from Megmeet’s standout synchronous resonance technology.

For medium and small power network access, the high efficiency module is key component of power supply operation in indoor/outdoor harsh environment with high reliability.

This 24V rectifier module is popular applied in subway, electronic control, new energy and advertisement LED outdoor screen.
DSP control with advanced software ensures the overall functions to meet almost all requirements from customers.
The basic protection of input/output fuse, and input/output low voltage/over voltage protection, also high level protection of power de-rated when input low voltage and high temperature, and temp. regulated fan speed, all these functions create high reliability.
Hot-plug and easy maintenance
The monitor will automatically recognize new plug module and communicate, and communication between modules via RS485 for load sharing even when the monitor is fault.
The module is spring screw locked with its light weight and small dimension, zero setting, the module replacement is non-tool and very easy, the low technology worker is certificated.

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