2015 basketball competition is over, were you there?

From October 27 to November 17, Megmeet organized the basketball competition between different departments of the company. Sport events are an important part of the social life for Megmeet employees and there are many sports associations where the employees can register and enjoy free of charge sport activities.elow are a few images for the people who missed the great atmosphere in the basketball court:  

Group pictures from prize giving moments ??

Mr. Zhang and the champions from the 2nd subdivision

Stars of the 1stsubdivision

Fellows from Welding machine department

The sight of these fellows during the game was much different from how we are used to see them in the office. Running as crazy to get the ball, jumps shots, attacks, counter- attacks, they were the heroes of the night!

Our MVP or the scoring king


     The on-spot game was 100 hundred times more exciting than what you see from the images.
    Ha-ha Are you sorry to have missed an NBA level game?This basketball game added more fun to our after-work activities, more importantly it motivated Megmeet people to be more involved in sports and invest time in a “healthy self”.

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