Celebrate the approachingof a new year, 2016!

2015 is over, we have worked hard, we have got ourselves tired and sometimes have lacked sleep, but we have also laughed and enjoyed the beautiful memories that 2015 have gifted us with.   . 
Today we are here to celebrate the approachingof a new year, 2016!
This New Year party is different, because this time we will sing, we will let our heart sing songs of hope, song of love and joy. ?

The most beautiful hosting partner

Two shiny stars standing in front of everyone, have their beauties blinded you?

The most moving song

Look at the smiles in their faces, everyone sings up high, all in chorus, team by team.
Even if you are not an inborn talent, don’t worry all in all it sounds perfect!

Liu Lin from the R&D department and other colleagues wrote and recited a poem exclusively for this event, called ”The spring of Megmeet”.

The most heartfelt poem

The most glorious moment

     Megmeet wouldn’t be here today without the contribution of every one of you, hardworking, diligent, responsible, and professional Megmeet people.  
We togetherhave worked side by side for the progress of the company and now it is the moment to acknowledge your hard work and dedication. It is time to give the 2015 awards to the excellent first-line manager, excellent technician, excellent innovator, best production model. Let us take a look!

Let us picture ourselves the next year and many years after, that we will be the ones standing on the stage to pick up the best awards. 

Megmeet CEO, Professor Yong Tongshen made a closing speech to the event.
He said that Megmeet has a great future ahead and we need each other to live it but to also fight for it. This will be a year of happiness, good health and success. 
Megmeet people, may you all have had a great time at the party and Happy New Year.

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