We welcome this year’s Children day.

    In the season of flowers and bright skies, we welcome this year’s Children day. 

     Megmeet kids have got talent. Dances, songs, boxing and other performances have animated the event. 

DIY Parent child T-shirt

   Personalized t-shirt, painted by hand. 
  One and the only in the whole market, made with endless love for each-other.

   Look at the t-shirt, kids have painted them with their little hands. 

Kindergarten games

      Kids and parents play to win gifts. Each amount of points equals to set of gifts. 

     The grand prix has never been so easy!

     Warm hearting spot of the event, parents and kids play games together.

Long painting gallery

Kids draw and paint on the long paper. Each of them is a little painter.  

Parents and children happily take family pictures

     By the end of this event, we would like to thank parents and children who saved time to come by, thank you to all employees who helped organize a perfect event. 

      Also a special thank you goes to other employees who sponsored the gifts for the little ones.  

    Our Zhuzhou branch has celebrated too, let us take a look at their event:


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