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     Megmeet cares about the employees well-being and many are the reasons that day to day can contribute to aggravate our health; stress, fast pace of life, air and food quality, life style etc. 
     As it has been a tradition for many years now, Megmeethas organized a free of charge physical examination day. Megmeet people can knock to the hospital doors, present their work identity number and go through a series of medical check-ups. 

Below we have summarized some of the most frequent problems of this year’s check-up results:

1.Abnormal physical examination results

    Most frequent health problems for male colleagues: Overweight, dyslipidemia, elevated uric acid.

Summary chart for abnormal results in male colleagues

Summary chart for abnormal results in female colleagues:
Most frequent health problems for female colleagues:breast hyperplasia.

2. Analysis of high incidencediseases
    Overweight and obesity risk

(1)it is a risk factor for hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. Is a metabolism
syndrome accompanied by hypertension or high level of sugar in blood and ultimately increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
(2)prone causehepatobiliary disease, overweight people can easily get cholesterol calculus. 

(3)can cause certain types of cancer; colon cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer.

(4)can cause bone joint disease.Excessive body weight can increase excessive burden to the joints (such as the spine, hip, knee and ankle) that leads to excessive abrasion of the joints and bones.

(5)Can reduce the quality of life,affect the work performance. Obese people can have sexual dysfunction, irregular menstruation in women etc.

Dyslipidemia risks 

   Dyslipidemia is a common disease, related to lipoprotein, including the total cholesterol in the human body, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, elevated triglycerides and / or high density lipoprotein cholesterol.Dyslipidemia is one of the important factors that lead to atherosclerosis and is also one of the independent risk factorsthat lead to coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke. Abnormal blood lipid is a condition that has turned into a common health problem for many Chinese people and is directly related to personal eating habits that have changed for the worse as the living standards have improved. 
(1) Hyperlipidemia can lead to coronary heart disease;
(2) High cholesterol can lead to liver function injury;
(3) Hyperlipidemia can lead to hypertension.

Hyperplasia risks 
Hyperplasiamay cause different kind of damages that are manifested mainly in the following aspects: 
(1) Irregular menstruations
Most patients have lumps in the breast that causes pain. There is also a part of the patients that have irregular menstruations. These patients should be aware of the consequences that irregularmenstruation can cause to their health.  
(2) Before and after menstruation pain 
Severe breast hyperplasia can cause strong pain before and after the menstruation that may extend in different part of the upper body; armpits, shoulder, back, upper limb etc. 

(3) The possibility of cancer

The risks of elevated uric acid: 
(1) Can cause tissue fibrosis in joints or even necrosis;
(2) Can lead to gout 

(3) Can lead to an early chronic nephritis

3. Health suggestions
(1) Have regular check-ups 
Regular examination check-ups are a way to take care of oneself and prevent later diseases. 
Don’t wait until you feel ill to see the doctor. Regular check-ups give you the chance to understand your physical situation and prevent chronicdiseases. The doctor suggests having check-ups at least once a year. This is the best way to keep your health in control and find out diseases at their early stages. 

(2).  A healthy diet 
     A nutritional research shows that a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important measures to prevent and cure multiple risks of cardiovascular diseases but also reduce the incidence of these diseases. According to the dietary habits and characteristics of Chinese people, the Chinese Nutrition Association has formulated a dietary guidelinethat is a combination of the right food and regular physical exercise. 
     The guidelines suggest to have milk products or soy products in the daily diet. Eat regularly fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat; reduce cooking oil consumption and use less salt in the home made dishes.

      Maintain a healthy weight; have three meals a day, each atan adequate portion, don’t overeat!  The amount of snackintakes should be appropriate; drink enough water every day, and make a reasonable choice of beverages. Most importantly remember to eat fresh food, exercise and be in a good mood everyday!

(3).Exercise is good for health. 
   Our body has different responses to different forms of exercise. For instance aerobic exercise can improve heart and lung function, lower blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose, regulatethe endocrine system, increase bone mineral density and control unhealthy weight gain. Most importantly continuous exercise can reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses, so exercising every day is an essential part of a healthy life style. In general it is recommended to at least walk 6000 steps a day and around 40 thousand steps per week. 

    Easy to do exercises like house cleaning, making the stairs on foot, short distance walks, riding a bike can help you maintain a good body weight and a balanced level of energy throughout the day. Whereas if you want to prevent cardiovascular and other chronic diseases it is required a more intense sports regime that may be cycling, jogging, swimming, going to the gym etc. 
     In this spirit, the company organizes many activities at a regular basis, activities like table tennis matches,basketball game, tree planting, hiking etc. Megmeet sport lovers can enjoy free membership at Megmeet badminton association, basketball association, tennis association, football association, outdoor association etc. Megmeet cares about health, peaceful mind and a balance between work and personal life. 

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