Training activities for nearly 50 Megmeet mid and senior managers

July 2-3 China authoritative trainer and training management expert Liao Yanming has conducted training activities for nearly 50 Megmeet mid and senior managers. Training courses have been praised by the students and many other colleagues have expressed interest to participate in similar future trainings.

      To persist in the spirit of learning and self-progress, Megmeet has encouraged managing level employees to take second stage management training. Two days in a row, from September 24-25 professor Liao Yanming has carried out lively discussions with thetrainees on how to improve their managing skills. 

Let us review the training: 

Stage no. one: Are you ready?

      Yes obviously, all the trainees were ready. 

Stage no. 2: Write down your management questions or other workissuesrelated to management. 

Stage no. 3: team discussion

    The trainees were divided into 6 groups to discuss work issues related to management. 

Stage no. 4: team voting

    Every team does “a back- to- back voting” to vote the solution to management problems.

The trainees have said to be very satisfied with the content of training and that it has been very beneficial to their work. 
Megmeetaims that through professional training of senior management employees, it can bring up great leaders that will lead the company to higher levels. 

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