Highlights from Megmeet training session

       The first week of July Megmeet has carried out the second training session of the year.

Training classes for mid and senior management level
     July 2-3 China authoritative trainer and training management expert Liao Yanming has conducted training activities for nearly 50 Megmeet mid and senior managers. Mr. Liao Yanming is a dean of business school and expert of training management, during the two days of training he has shared his insights on how to improve communication, how to manage time and how to achieve better results at work.

Orientation training for new employees

     July 4th to July 8, Mid-level managers have guided the new employees into a general orientation training about the company, company rules and regulations, daily conduct norms, product training, basic safety regulations, expense reimbursement, office equipment use etc.
      Training of this kind are important to help new employees accommodate to a new working environment and integrate quickly into the enterprise culture.  
In addition to these trainings every department will independently open up new training classes for their employees.

Training on safety and emergency cases

      At Megmeet, safety at work comes first that is why safety and emergency training is a compulsory course for everyone. In July, 15 we invited a trainer from Shenzhen Science Center to explain security measures and emergency protection to our employees, of which cardio pulmonary resuscitation, first aid of artificial respiration etc.

     Through these seminars, employees have established a correct concept about security and have learned more about safety awareness in daily work and life.

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