Happy birthday Megmeet!

     Today is Megmeet 13th anniversary, other more years of success and excellence are on hold.
     Founded in 2003, in Shenzhen Shekou, Megmeet is commited to a more efficient energy, a greener environment, it aspires to become world’s leading supplier of power and electronic control in the field of telecom, industrial automation, renewable vehicles, medical devices, smart home appliances, LED, TV, welding machine etc.

    In only 13 year time, we are in Hong Kong (Megmeet Electric Hong Kong), in California, Usa (Megmeet Electric USA) and spread in many research centers in China.  
    Megmeet is committed to the R&D innovation that comes into action from our manufacturing center in Zhuzhou, a modern, spacious production facility that satisfies enormous demand of power supplies every year. 
     In this event, Megmeet organized an afternoon tea to thank the employees for their hard work and dedication.
       We are full of gratitude and hope for a brilliant future.


MEGMEET employees took this opportunity to say thank you in a special way – by cleaning!
The gathering finished in a joyous mood and good spirit.

Megmeet, good to have you!

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