Megmeet kite team wins the second place in "Shenzhen International Kite competition”

      October 29-30, 2016 “Megmeet kite team” participated in “Shenzhen Dameisha 16th international kite contest” and won the second place between other 36 teams coming from 16 different countries.

明星风筝—— 巨龙脸谱风筝

Star kite-dragon kite

     “Dragon Kite” is fully designed and built up from uncle Mei; from the selection of material, painting to the solid parts of the kite all is accurately done by hand. The elegant making of the dragon head was highly praised from other contestants and many from the audience came to snap pictures of the giant head.

     Cheers and many thanks to our fans in the audience and also to the ones who supported our work but couldn’t make it to Dameisha. 

Together we did a great job!

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