Mei Guangyuan , keeping a young spirit

     Mei Guangyuan or as we call him uncle Mei has been working for Megmeet since 2005. Everyone knows uncle Mei, not only because he is one of the oldest employees at Megmeet but mostly for his talent, making wonderful kites. 

   Since he was little Uncle Mei loved to fly kites. When Megmeet moved from Shenzhen Shekou to Shenzhen Unis information building, Uncle Mei started to do hand-made work to build stunning kites. He has made kites of different size, from a few centimeters to a few meters long. 
     He is able to build on his own every part of the kite, including the wooden structure or the rope as in the picture below.Uncle Mei is a self-taught kite maker. He learned from others and then practiced himself until he was ready to fly his first kite. 

    He says: Preparing a Chinese-style kite is not easy at all. You need to be very patient during each phase from painting to flying the kite. Only painting takes him two months of work and other two months are needed for rehearsal before the competition starts.

   I followed uncle Mei to this years’ International kite contest. 
His kite flew high in the sky and it seemed to me the most beautiful of all.
    Uncle Mei is particular about the environment protection, although the choices are many to purchase paper from the market, he still chooses recycled paper to build his kite. 

Uncle Mei has been awarded in many kite competitions:
Gold medal in the competition of creative kites for elderly fellows, 2013
Gold medal in the competition of creative kites for elderly fellows, 2014
Fifth place in the National competition for long string kites 
Second place in Shenzhen International six angle kite challenge 
Second place in Shenzhen 11th International long string kite competition

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