A win-win future!


14 January 2016, Megmeet welding machine department organized a festive gathering in Shenzhen with its partners all around China. In 2015 Megmeet has achieved great results in the field of welding technology, we have been chosen by International 500 fortune companies and not only, in China’ market Megmeet brand has a leading position.

The event has started with a speech from Megmeet CEO who has talked about the industry perspectives and Megmeet roadmap of development to win more market in China market and abroad. Dr. Tong has said that he is confident that our R&D abilities will drive innovation and reap continuous profit to the company and its partners.


General manager of Megmeet welding division, Mr. Lin Qingsen has also talked his views about the industry development opportunities and how Megmeet plans to take a central role in the market. 

     The division director Mr. He Zhijun, introduced more technical details on the new projects of 2X96KHZ high frequency series, PMIG and CM/PM/TM3000 DEX series that will be released soon. 

In the end, the director of sales Mr. Hu Rui has revised the business relation of Megmeet and partners for the last year. He has emphasized that the company pays great attention to the relationship with distributor partners as they are another channel that allows us to create good market environment to promote our products and achieve a win-win situation for both Megmeet and partners.

In the event made a special appearance Dr. Kong Meng from Shanghai FANUC robotics Co. Ltd who has shared his experience and expectations about the industry and has also introduced  Fanuc robot, to date the industry's most complete product solution.

Eventually, Megmeet has given the annual award of “best industry breakthrough” for intelligent welding machines for heavy industrial use to Shenyang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.

The award was received by the company’s GM Mr. Chen Yuanli.

2015, robot welding industry, the best industry application promotion award, winner: Xinxiang City Qin Machinery Co., Ltd., chairman, Mr.

2015, heavy industrial intelligent welding machine, the industry's most influential Award Winners: the general manager of Wuhan North Machinery Co. Ltd., Mr. Fu, to the new

2015, robot welding industry, the most influential industry award, the winner: Kunshan Heng welding Limited by Share Ltd, general manager, Mr.

In this special thanks to megmeet partners, is your confidence and persistence, Mag Mitter in the field of welding to the rapid rise of industry transfer story. We will make persistent efforts, continuous innovation, to provide more competitive products and solutions for global customers, let our partners and customers in the fierce competition in talent shows itself!

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