【Essen Review】 megmeet Essen exhibition highlights

Essen exhibition highlights "Electric welding machine" magazine, the welding power network (www.toweld.com) and the official WeChat "welding line" (toweld123) Beijing, came to interview Megmeetat Essen exhibition site.

In this exhibition Megmeet presented the best-selling welding machine models and newly developed products that attracted a large audience.

The GM of welding technology division Mr. Lin Qingsen introduces the development course of the company

The sales director of welding technology division, Mr. Hu Rui introduces the product, product’s sales performance and market trend. 


Megmeet is a global provider of industrial information and power supply solutions. 

We operate in welding industry, industrial automation and control, smart home appliances, medical devices, transportation, custom power supplies etc. Megmeet has experienced a rapid growth thanks to continuedinvestment on the research and development of new products and solutions. In the last year, from 2015 to 2016 the annual expenditurein R&D hasreached up to one billion RMB.

Megmeet isa National high-tech enterprise,Shenzhen CityResearch and Development Center Enterprise, one of the Top 100 tax payer company in Nanshan and it is also known as an enterprise with strong Intellectual property. 


www.toweld.com / bbs.toweld.com

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